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            日期:2022-12-25 10:12




            Established in 2010,Dongguan pengruiTechnology Co., Ltd.  is located in Changping Town ,Dongguan City, After years of hard working, pengrui established a large production base in Dongguan. The plant covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, from research and development, sheet metal, production, sales, after-sales, leasing, testing, work tools, import and export and other one-stop services. The company has always focused on the most secure technology and laboratory solutions for reliable environmental testing equipment, and passed the lSO9001:2015 quality system certification enterprise. . The products are constantly improving, and the customers are in the scientific and technological fields of scientific research, military industry, national defense, colleges, quality inspection, automobile, new energy, battery, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, precision electronics, power tools, medical, communication, etc. From product development to after-sales Service, between each link, Sanwood takes the customer's point of view and needs as the starting point for thinking, and adheres to the line of excellence and continuous improvement.